Time limits

Time Limits are strictly enforced. NOTE: the time of the item will be taken from the start of the music or dialogue or the appearance of the competitor, which ever occurs first, until the competitor leaves the stage or the fall of the curtains.

The minimum performance time for any Solo, Duo/Trio/Quad routine is 2 minutes.

Dance StyleTime Limit
All Solos, Duos / Trios / Quadsup to 3 minutes
Song & Dance or Song & Tap Solos, Duos / Trios / Quads3 - 4 minutes
Tap Solos, Duos / Trios / Quads2.5 minutes
Hip Hop Solos2.5 minutes
Troupe3 - 5 minutes
Hip Hop Crew Challenge2.5 -4 minutes
Vocal3-4 minutes