Entry fees

All solo, duo, trio, quad competitors will incur a $40 registration fee that includes a Competitor Pass (plus free lanyard - to be picked up on arrival), e-program, and parents and friend pass to view performances (excluding Championship and/or Troupe days).

Dance StyleCost (incl. GST)
All solos$30
Brian Nolan Boys Only Classical$25
Boys Only Tap$25
Duos$20 total ($10 per competitor)
Trios$30 total ($10 per competitor)
Quads$40 total ($10 per competitor)
Dance Ability Troupe$30
Junior Scholarship / Junior Theatrical Cup$35
Commonwealth Classical / Theatrical Cup$35
Jazz Championships - Lily Allinson / Frank Gray 12/14/U12$35
Tap Championships$35
Contemporary Championships$35
Troupe only pass$10

A late fee of $10 per entry will apply from 1st May until 7th May 2022